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Some of the most common questions we are asked are listed below. If you can't find an answer to your question here, then please contact us using our contact form.

Q: I need a website? What can you do for me?

Ans: Building a website involves 4 simple steps:

  1. Domain Name Registration: A Domain Name, apart from being your Internet address, is your own unique identity on the web. It puts you / your-business online, to millions of people worldwide.
  2. Website Design: We specialize in custom website design i.e sites that are tailored to meet an organization's unique business needs.
  3. Hosting: By creating a website and putting it on a server connected to the rest of the net, anyone in the world who is also connected to the net can see your site.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion : We carry out basic optimisation on your site for your relevant keywords and submit your website to Google and other popular search engines as part of our design process.

Q: How long does it take for a custom designed website to be completed?

Ans: The timescale of a project is generally dictated by the client. We can complete a simple website within 3 weeks if the client provides us with content (text/images) and sends quick feedback/changes/approvals for our designs. If you have a deadline in mind we will work hard to meet it for you.

FACT: The most common delay in the creation of a site is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to us by the client.

Q: I would like you to design my site, what do I need to do now/what is the process?

Ans: If you would like to use our website design services,

  1. Send us a brief idea of your requirements. Let us know your purpose (goal) for developing/redesigning your website.
  2. Send us links of similar/competitor's sites to gain a better understanding of your business (needs).
  3. Send us the content in a text format: (see an example of content structure)
  4. We will design a couple of home-page and inner-page layouts for your approval and suggest a navigation structure for you (home | about us | services | products | etc...) as per the content.
  5. Based on your guidance we will then insert content (text/images) and HTMLise the design. At every stage you will be kept informed about the website design process. You can also check the progress of your site on our test servers.

If you do-not have a domain, we will check its availability and then purchase the domain in your name. We will also suggest the right hosting package for your project and then upload the completed website on your servers.

Q: How much will it cost?

Ans: The cost of a website varies, depending upon the type of site you require. Each site is treated on its individual requirements.

Q: What happens when I complete your contact form?

Ans: If you are making an enquiry about a possible site you would like created, please provide a brief outline of your requirements. We will then mail you back promptly with an idea of price/timescale and any suggestions with regard to your project. You are not obliged to use our services at any stage during this process, so feel free to use the form to ask any related questions you may have.

Q: What is optimisation?

Ans: Web Pages contain "Meta Tags" to enable search engines to find them. Optimisation means creating these "Meta Tags" to achieve a better search engine rankingyou're your keywords.

Q: Do I need to send a deposit for the work?

Ans: For website design orders of value below £250 / Euro 300 / USD 400, we request a 100% advance from you.

For orders of higher value, the payment can be structured into two or more part-payments.

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